Bokomo Namibia is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality foods in Namibia. They bring the well-loved and trusted household brands to the nearest stores in and around Namibia.
Warehouse space is becoming a vital commodity and lighting plays a very important part in ensuring adequate light distribution. Poor lighting can adversely affect the safety and health of the workers. Areas of the warehouse that require lighting include the loading dock, receiving, open storage and racking areas.


HOLDA PRO 150W 4000K:
The Holda Pro was supplied for a mock-up down an aisle with very high racking. There were 2 other aisles one with existing MH light fixtures and another with a competitor's LED fixtures. The Holda Pro stood out and showed that not all LED’s perform alike. LED lensing is just one of the many factors to consider. The Holda Pro is manufactured and designed for each application.

ISTRIA 72W 4000K, THORA 100W 4000K HIGHBAY, LUXON 36W 600 x 600mm RECESSED:
The Istria was supplied to light up the receiving areas on the outer perimeter for incoming and outgoing distribution of goods. The Thora highbay was supplied to light up the storge open areas ensuring that the labels on the goods are easily visible for packaging and distribution. The Luxon 600 x 600mm flicker-free was supplied in all the office spaces, giving uniform lighting throughout.

Electrical Engineers: G S Fainsinger & Associates and Lighting Supplier: Pupkewitz Megatech






LUXON 600X600