At RLS we create external lighting that provides a desirable lighting effect that makes people feel safe and secure, providing increased traffic safety and aesthetically enhancing the building and surrounding environment.

Through the use of lighting control, we can ensure the correct light output in the required place at the right time, with the obvious benefits of superior energy efficiency. Light must create a positive experience to those who interact under artificial lighting and this creates a uniqueness for each project in that specific lighting solutions are required. Interaction between our sales consultants and our in-house design office affords RLS the opportunity to offer a lighting design that will enhance all amenity areas.

City Centre at Steyn City

Africa as a whole is emerging both technologically and in commerce, when darkness falls, lighting offers a sense of security and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the emerging architectural landscape. A wide selection of lensing options and optics allows RLS to offer a variety of distribution patterns to accommodate most applications with the same fitting, for example footpaths, car parks, streets, landscapes and cycle paths.

Lighting controls can reduce energy and offer the appropriate lighting at any given time. Different luminaries offering a wide range of luminous flux, colour temperatures enables a wider variety of options for the designer than was ever possible with conventional luminaires.

LEDs are semiconductor devices which convert electricity into visible light and are the ideal light source to achieve visual comfort and energy efficient light distribution, provided they are incorporated into exceptionally well designed housings that offer the correct thermal management characteristics

Our internal operational and design facilities enable the customising of existing fittings and the ability to develop bespoke fittings, this has been the facilitator to accelerate our rapid product development over recent years. Amenity lighting has changed dramatically over the past 4 years and at RLS we have been at the forefront of these developments, we will continue to improve our offering of innovative products that push the boundaries of what new technologies allow us to develop.