RLS Factory | Pouring Aluminium

RLS aims to reach its goals alongside the three axes of Sustainability.
We are aware that Sustainability is not a static goal, but a complex goal with various levels of inter-dependency between the environment, the economy and society.

We therefore, aim to grow as a company while trying the minimize any negative social and environmental impacts.

RLS Factory | Pouring Aluminium
RLS Factory | Pouring Aluminium
RLS Factory | Pouring Aluminium
RLS Factory | Pouring Aluminium


Most of today’s manufacturing takes raw materials from the environment and turns them into new products, which are then disposed into the environment after use. It’s a linear process with a beginning and an end. In this system, limited raw materials eventually run out. Waste accumulates, either incurring expenses related to disposal or else polluting.  The circular economy is a new way of creating value, and ultimately prosperity. It works by extending product lifespan through improved design and servicing, and relocating the waste from the end of the supply chain to the beginning, in effect, using resources more efficiently by using them over and over, not only once.

At RLS, all our products are designed for disassembly, enabling future harvesting of parts. By using Aluminium as our dominant manufacturing material, our products are easily recycled. We offer guarantees on all our Aluminium and electronic parts, making servicing an integral part of product offering.


Although LEDs use significantly less energy and last longer than traditional light sources, it is possible to increase this gap even further by using strategies best suited to the application. One of those strategies is to use occupancy sensors. By using sensors throughout our office space, we have been able to significantly reduce energy consumption on our lighting loads. This also means the LED's do not burn for as long, resulting in a longer life span. Reducing energy consumption is key to the sustainability of our nation. We take this same mindset into every project we tackle where we aim to assist and guide our clients with strategies for reducing energy consumption on their lighting loads.


RLS ensures that all electronic waste is disposed of correctly and in accordance with the industry's waste management act. We only use legally compliant recyclers who would collect our waste, dismantle the products and send the dismantled items to the appropriate recyclers. These recyclers have permits issued by the respective municipalities to recycle these items correctly, thereafter a recycling certificate is issued to us. We aim to reduce environmental waste and any negative impacts on the environment through this process.


RLS incorporates the use of piped natural gas in heating their furnaces. Melting is one of the core steps for processing secondary aluminium. This step is energy-intensive and impacts both the productivity and total cost of your aluminium production. The increasing demand in quality, efficiency, energy conservation, and environmental issues drive the operators of high-temperature processes to optimize their furnaces. Most secondary metal production facilities use natural gas and electric power as primary sources of energy. Natural gas is the cleanest and the most efficient available energy source for aluminium melting.


Powder coating is considered a “green” technology that doesn’t generate harmful solvents or airborne pollutants.
Compared to painting, powder coating reduces finishing line emissions, produces far less harmful waste by-products, and doesn’t pose a significant health risk to your employees or neighbours.


RLS’s corrugated packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and is recyclable. Our supplier’s recyclable material is sourced from a national network of independent agents, SMME’s and empowerment-driven initiatives. A portion is also sourced from the 4 Planet Care Waste Management’s sites via numerous loose collections and on-site waste management programmes, from commercial clients, offices, buy-back centres, etc.

Our plastic film supplier uses recycled Low-Density Polyethylene to produce their film. Bubble wrap and pallet wrap is generally made from virgin LD-PE. When recycled, LD-PE's environmental effect is less than bio-degradable alternatives due to its low energy and natural resource consumption. We therefore urge all South Africans to join us in actively participating in recycling. Regent Lighting aims to be at the forefront of new technology and would continuously aim to improve its environmental footprint with superior alternatives.