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The light in a shopping centre should create a comfortable atmosphere. This environment needs to support both the needs of costumers as well as support the experience of the architecture.

Mall of Africa

Lighting designers and architects play an important role in selecting the correct luminaires to enhance the architectural features; to create a lighting effect that is appropriate for a specific area; and for specific applications.

Lighting has moved from being merely a functional element to becoming more of a design element that gives functionality and, incidentally, it is here that LEDs come into their own.” In general corridor lighting in malls there is a move away from downlighters only.

Architects are making more use of natural light and incorporating suspended fittings into the interior design of the structures. Visitors to the mall want an experience when they arrive and here light plays an important part in enhancing the overall effect for shoppers.

Back lit translucent stretch ceilings with exciting and eye-catching designs offer functional light but create interesting effects and these are being used more frequently in malls.