Where bold thinking and rigorous craftsmanship combine to bring innovative, modern and functional lighting design to life.

We are currently celebrating 3 decades of setting the standards of excellence in lighting solutions and pushing the limits of lighting design and technology.  Whether we're creating light fittings, solving lighting solutions or simply providing expert customer service, our work is born from a desire to create solutions that enhance the lighting industry.


dedicated. experienced. enthusiastic.


We have 320+ amazing employees distributed accross 4 provinces. 

In addition to having employees with critical skills, we ensure a good balance of experienced people and young people at the company. The older and more experienced staff share their knowledge and expertise and mentor new recruits. With youth, comes energy, enthusiasm and new ideas into the lighting environment. With the right guidance, our employees continue to develop skills and knowledge to contribute to the lighting industry. 


experience. knowledge. expertise.


Regent Lighting Solutions is a proudly South African company established in 1989. 

RLS is a division of Wahl Industries based in Johannesburg, with over 70 years experience in the gravity and tilt casting industry.

We specialise in the manufacture of customised luminaires for local and international markets.

Our in-house capabilities allow us to fast track development without compromising quality.


design. casting. assembly.


We have a 10000sqm Factory & Operations building with a 1050sqm Admin building on-site. 

With an aluminum foundry, we are able to produce a wide range of castings for various products and applications in the lighting industry. From low pressure tilt casting to sand and gravity casting, we CNC Machine tools and dies for casting the products. The process from casting to drilling & tapping, wiring, assembly and testing, our facilities enable us to proudly manufacture and supply lighting solutions from Africa, for Africa.



efficiency, functionality and light output.


Our design process focuses on finding solutions in lighting and the design of light itself.


design, market and technological research. These are the three central pillars of exceptional product development that enable innovation in lighting design.


new materials, machinery and advanced technology.  Our 8 industrial designers continue to pioneer work through integrated design software and 3D printing technology.  


We have completely renovated to create a more interactive and engaging experience for our clients.

Aesthetically the building has undergone a facelift, however the main focus of the upgrade to physically and visually experience our wide range of products with various control integrations. The concept is that once you step through the entrance, you are immediately taken on a visual catalogue walkthrough that shows the history of where we started in the lighting industry to where we have come all the while showcasing how light can transform a space. We encourage you to schedule a Factory & Showroom tour with one of our Sales Consultants.


Have you visited our Cape Town branch yet?

We have had extensive renovations done throughout the building including a new fully integrated interior showroom showcasing the latest in lighting control systems and new products as well as an exterior lighting showroom, new parking area and storage facilities.