Creating visual interest, or enhancing the detail of a specific product can define a retail shop lighting scheme. At RLS (Regent Lighting Solutions) we have a real passion for efficient retail shop lighting. We do not just sell a great product but enhance an overall customer experience.

Lighting is a critical element in the branding and positioning of product and the overall lighting effect must complement the entire retail shop design. Contrary to common belief, more illumination does not create the visual comfort to accentuate product.

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At RLS we offer a complete range of efficient luminaires with different mounting options to meet our client's stringent requirements and creative ideas. Our large in-house design team and large in-house manufacturing capabilities enable a completely customized solution for almost all applications. 

The CRI (colour rendering index) of >90 is advisable however this in itself is not enough in today's shop lighting environment. We offer below the black body LEDs of the white chromatically index to enhance the visual effects of different product. Colour Rendering Index has however become a limited colour matrix as it is not a measure of colour saturation and alternative measure is Gamit Area Index.

This is a measure of the colour range, the vivid colour appearance, this metric combined with CRI is better to quantify colour quality. Regent's standard products are delivered with 2 - Step Mac Adam ellipse, to ensure colour performance matching for the most demanding applications.

Specific and detailed design is required to ensure that the correct effect is created which in turn means that there is no need to offer coloured filters, instead we have the fittings to offer the right light spectrum for a specific application in order to engage the senses of the shopper to improve and enhance the overall shopping experience. 

Photometrical characteristics are critical as construction and density of display can vary in stores. It is imperative to offer the correct light distribution for different displays and with 5 beam options on certain products, multiple applications can be achieved by an individual fitting. To create the desired lighting effect, we partner with our clients to provide a complete solution, not simply supplying a product. Our Shop lighting range of products are developed taking into account critical factors such as quick and effortless installation, thermally protected drivers, exceptional thermal management with heat sink, efficient optical systems, protective housing for LED and most importantly the colour stability of the LED.