Spar Boksburg arranged an on-site meeting for the various lighting suppliers to evaluate the store lighting and come up with a proposal for the most efficient and cost-effective solution. The RLS team worked on various lighting options supported by a detailed but easy-to-understand payback calculator. This proposal pack was presented to the Spar owner, highlighting all the benefits of the solution, from the ease of installation for the electrical contractor to the cost savings from the energy-efficient luminaires.

The Regent Lighting solution was favored for the revamp of the Spar Boksburg store and installation started shortly thereafter. The S-Line system suspended in the aisles used a double asymmetric lens creating product focus. The S-Line system in the open areas made use of the 90-degree lens for a more even wash of light throughout the areas. The Elux 140 downlighter was used in the lower ceilings above the fresh fruit produce to achieve the colour reproduction required for the fruit and veg to pop. Wooden slats were used above the till points to eliminate the airiness of the double volume space. This was complemented by a linear light line between the slats providing light below but still maintaining the look and feel.

Developer: Spar; Architect: Spar Design Team and Electrical Contractor: Dexter Engineering



ELUX 140