RLS was approached by Profica and Pyramid Office to assist in designing the lighting required for the new NTT offices based at The Campus in Bryanston, Johannesburg. The design intent was to have a complete continuous Linear run around the central canteen and boardroom core within the space. We designed our Linear Pro continuous profile in a large rectangular configuration with over 350 running metres of suspended Linear.


The second requirement was to offer a solution that would continue the Linear profile while reducing glare above all workstations. The standard Linear would not have been the solution. We therefore inverted the luminaire for an indirect light facing the ceiling. This provided a beautiful, even distribution of light as it was reflected off the ceiling and into the space. The added effect was illuminating the oversized feature HVAC running down the centre of each wing.

The average lux levels achieved during the design phase were 350 lux.  All Linears were suspended off the standard suspended ceiling T-frames.

RLS worked with Profica; Pyramid Office and CB Solutions