Architect & Builder – The MARC

The MARK | 129 Rivonia

Regent Makes Its Mark
on The MARC

"Regent Lighting Solution’s extensive catalogue as well as its ability to customise lighting designs to the
client’s requirements allows it to offer the best of both worlds.

Situated in the heart of Sandton, The MARC is an exciting new mixed-use precinct, with its distinctive golden tower fast becoming a landmark. Regent Lighting Solutions (RLS) worked closely with Boogertman + Partners Architects and Paul Pamboukian Light design from early on in the development. Using the RLS catalogue as a starting point, the lighting design evolved from there. The design team then approached RLS with the specifications that would require custom designed lighting along with various lighting fixtures from the catalogue.


General Mall Areas
The entrances to the mall are lined with the Argo Post top leading from the street toward the entrance overhang. The overhang is highlighted by suspended Aldo’s up to 4.2m with an up & down light source. The MARC has a glass roof with support beams that required a unique, high output fitting that would blend seamlessly into the design and so the Floren 30W 1500lm was supplied. The Floren was also recessed into wooden slatted ceilings throughout. Recessed into the ceilings edges above the interior passage and walkways is an adapted black Jura 1002 track light at 24W.

Restroom passages within the mall have unique Linear mini fittings with RGB in order to create a unique ambiance.  The parking and basement level is lined with Shuttle wall mounted fittings that provide adequate lighting to account for the minimal ceiling area that would have been used for ceiling mounted fittings.

RLS were required to create a unique suspended fitting with a bi-directional light source that would create an eyecatching feature on the ceiling as well as provide the required functional light output on the floor. The fitting is cylindrical and is suspended at 3 points. The internal wall of the cylinder was specified in gold. A truly unique fitting, locally designed and custom manufactured for the client’s requirement.

Landscape Lighting
The landscape surrounding the MARC Precinct features numerous fittings in different applications including the Shuttle trunion mounted 18W fitting on an 11m pole as well as in all planters throughout the building. The Miso recessed wall light provided low level light on stairways and low level boundary walls whilst the Malta Bollard plinth mounted 16w at a 700mm height in all planter & lawn terraces provided pathway lighting. For the key amenity lighting throughout all landscape areas at the MARC, the Argo Post top 54W was used. The entrances to the mall are lined with the Argo Post top leading from the street toward the entrance overhang.

Stairway Lighting
The MARC has multiple entrances and stairways and a special request for a linear light source that mimicked the right angles of the stairways, and portrayed a sense of direction was required and so the Linear Inca was supplied. Upper level stairway and escalator landings were supplied with custom Jura 1002 24W 36° track mounted in a recessed cavity in the ceiling. Lower level and basement parking landings featured the Perox Nexio recessed downlights at 24W with a 50° beam. Within the main shopping mall, stairways between various levels featured the recessed Floren 30W fittings.


One of the main reasons for RLS’s success is that it is able to extensively customise its products, especially its linear lighting. Other product offerings may be cheaper but the designer is often limited by standardised lengths and sizes, limiting the scope of the lighting design. RLS has approximately ten different linear lighting widths ranging from 16mm to 500mm. This range of products offers greater design flexibility. The light also has a continuous intensity throughout, allowing long lengths and the ability to accommodate curves. The request for a more organic linear fitting as opposed to the traditional rectangular shape was accommodated by the in-house RLS design and manufacturing team.

RLS’s almost unparalleled ability to both customise their existing product range and manufacture unique fittings to the architect’s specifications gives them an advantage well known to architects, lighting designers and electrical engineers. From the large in-house design department through to the manufacturing facility, RLS can accommodate the most complex lighting requests.

Extensive Catalogue
Although known for its ability to customise lighting to the client’s specification, RLS also has extensive lighting catalogues and carries stock on most items. All the catalogues can be downloaded directly from the website and contain comprehensive information and specifications on each product."