Regent Lighting Solutions was approached by MDS Architecture to produce a light fitting which would replicate their renderings of the façade of the building. This required making a custom 150 mm square, U shaped aluminum extrusion. The extrusion has an opal acrylic diffuser on the front face. The extrusions were up to 9m and were positioned between the window mullions

One of the main challenges was access to the LED's. This was achieved by creating access doors at the back of the fittings at the height of the windows. The difficulty was that these units spanned several floors. We therefore had to mount the led on flexible aluminium strips that could be slipped up or down into the light fitting extrusion. These strips are held in place by a special custom made 'spring' system.

On the vertical corners of the lift shaft we supplied continuous strips of 16mm x 16mm Linear LED channels on special stand-off brackets with remote control gear in 4000 kelvin cool white. On all three bridge links we supplied a special U-Shaped wrap around Linear solution to mount around the bulkhead and between wooden slats also with a 4000 kelvin cool white LED solution. These fittings required extensive design and collaboration with the ceiling contractors as all the light surfaces were exposed and if any of the frames were more than 1mm out of line a gap would be clearly visible.

The underside of the roof was lit by cool white led tape mounted in Tridonic extrusion and lens system. In addition to the LED lights on the building we supplied Comet fittings on 4m poles with 150W Metal Halide lamps to give general lighting to the car park. Accent lighting in the car park was created by using Pathway led lights.

Sections of the facades of the building were also highlighted using Shuttle and Gamma spot lights.

Tower Mini Urban Light Elements were used to enhance the entrances. Various lengths of recessed Linear Pro luminaires were supplied with 54W T5 fluorescents.

The volume of the reception lobby was filled with different size spheres hung at different heights and led tape light was used to highlight the coves.