Integrated Programmable Logic Control Technology 

PLC technology is used to enable customised programming of unique patterns, direction, speed, timeframe and specialised sequences in a luminaire. The PLC is programmed to send a specific signal at a specific time to instruct the direction of motion and speed of light through a luminaire. Timers are programmed to switch on and off for each signal cable output, the PLC then receives these signals that trigger an onboard relay accordingly. The signal cable outputs are connected to the LED boards that the PLC uses to power each board at a specific time individually.


The PLC is programmed to give each individual board a signal at a specific time, instructing the direction of the motion and the speed of the pattern desired.

1. Timers are programmed to switch ON & OFF at each Output.

2. The PLC gets signals from the code & triggers an onboard relay

3. The PLC is then programmed to individually power each PCB at a specific time.


plc - direction right

Scene 1 - One Direction(left to right)

plc - no direction - pulsating

Scene 2 - Static Pulsating / Alternating PCB's

plc - direction centre-to-centre

Scene 3 - Centre Outwards(both directions)

plcTECH | Programmable Logic Control

AMG Showroom in KZN using plcTECH