Integrated Emergency Lighting Control Technology 

Integrated emergency lighting ensures that there is a sufficient back-up light source provided promptly, automatically and for a suitable time in the event that the normal mains power supply fails. This technology is self-contained within the luminaire and operates in maintained mode, this enables the luminaire to be controlled at all times whilst maintaining the ability to remain illuminated for a period of time in the event that normal mains supply fails


Designed for independent operation of safety lighting & LED Luminaires for rescue routes & Extremely hazardous workplaces.

Operating Time : 1hrs - 3hrs

Maximum Wattage : 45W

Ambient Temperature : 5°C. to 50°C.

Build-in Battery : Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (LiFePO4).

Charging Time : up to 24Hrs.

Product Guarantee = 5 yrs

elcTECH - Emergency gear with Built-in battery
elcTECH - Emergency gear Built-in battery

Build-in Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery

Best Suited for Recessed Commercial Interior products such as the Luxon & Signa Range and Downlights with a cut out greater or equal to 100mm.


Length: 290.1 mm

Width: 80.8 mm

Height: 41 mm

elcTECH - dimensions 1
elcTECH - dimensions 2