Integrated Corridor Function Technology 

A function that enables smooth adjustment of light to desired level based on the time from the last detected movement. The function ensures that an Absence Value (i.e. 20% light output) is maintained if there is no movement detected and returns to the Presence Value (i.e. 100% light output) when presence is detected in a room. corTECH has the ability to return to the % of light output that was set before fading in/out or switched off.


The light output remains at 20% when the area is unoccupied. When movement is detected, the light output gradually increases to 100%.
After a period of time where no presence is detected, the light output returns to its initial state at 20% until further presence is detected.

1. Start-Up Time

Smoothly adjusted to Present Value

2. Run-on Time

Time from last detected movement

3. Face-on Time

Time taken to smoothly adjust to Absence Value.

4. Switch-off Delay

Absence Value maintained if NO movement detected.

5. Absence Value

The light level switched to during Switch-off Delay.

6. Presence Value

Value switched to when presence is detected.


  1. 20% light output when unoccupied.

2. Gradually increases to 100% when presence is detected.

3. Returns to 20% light output after period of time when no presence detected.