RLS Integrated Technology

Bold thinking and rigorous craftsmanship combine to bring innovative, modern and functional lighting design to life.

In order to continuously push the limits of lighting design and technology, we have created new identifiable terms that associate the type of technology each luminaire is capable of integrating.  Our desire to create solutions that enhance lighting have edged us toward standardizing integration of technology into our luminaires.

thermTECH | corTECH | sensTECH | bluTECH | daliTECH | plcTECH | elcTECH|darkTECH

We are currently pushing the limits of lighting design and technology. Through integration we are creating light fittings that are solving lighting solutions through modern, functional technology to enhance the lighting industry.

Dark Light Technology 

A concept designed to have a discrete lighting setup enough to see the light, without seeing the light sourceDarkLIGHT concept is a means of controlling light from the luminaire whilst reducing glare from light dominating a space, from a source that can only be identified when standing directly under it looking up.

Integrated Bluetooth Connectivity Technology 

A unique function that enables coordination & control of functionality for a series of connected luminaires via remote devices. Signals are sent to the luminaires regardless of obstacles and obstructions from a transmitter to a receiver integrated in the luminaire.

Integrated Thermal Management Technology 

A specialised thermal management component (NTC) Negative Temperature Coefficient that will send a signal to the LED driver to reduce the output current to the LED’s in the event that a predetermined temperature is exceeded. The NTC will reduce the current in order to reduce the heat.

Integrated Corridor Function Technology 

A function that enables smooth adjustment of light to desired level based on the time from the last detected movement. The function ensures that an Absence Value (i.e. 20% light output) is maintained if there is no movement detected and returns to the Presence Value (i.e. 100% light output) when presence is detected in a room. corTECH has the ability to return to the % of light output that was set before fading in/out or switched off.

Integrated Motion Sensor Technology 

An integrated function to ensure efficiency by producing light only when required through PIR (Passive Infrared Sensors) that uses ambient light sensors & motion detectors or Microwave Sensors that detect motion through materials without direct line of sight required.

Integrated Programmable Logic Control Technology 

PLC technology is used to enable customised programming of unique patterns, direction, speed, timeframe and specialised sequences in a luminaire. The PLC is programmed to send a specific signal at a specific time to instruct the direction of motion and speed of light through a luminaire. Timers are programmed to switch on and off for each signal cable output, the PLC then receives these signals that trigger an onboard relay accordingly. The signal cable outputs are connected to the LED boards that the PLC uses to power each board at a specific time individually.

Integrated Tunable White Technology 

Our RLS LED boards are specifically developed with 2 different colourLED chips at 2700K and 6500K both on their own individual circuit. The percentage ratio of current changes between the 2 circuits to get the desired colour. For a warmer colour, the 2700K chip will have a higher current percentage ratio that then 6500k chip (i.e. 2500k-75% / 6500k-25%) whilst a cooler colour will have a higher percentage ratio on the 6500k chip(i.e. 2500k-25% / 6500k-75%).

Integrated Emergency Lighting Control Technology 

Integrated emergency lighting ensures that there is a sufficient back-up light source provided promptly, automatically and for a suitable time in the event that the normal mains power supply fails. This technology is self-contained within the luminaire and operates in maintained mode, this enables the luminaire to be controlled at all times whilst maintaining the ability to remain illuminated for a period of time in the event that normal mains supply fails

Integrated Surge Protection Technology 

Our surge protector is an appliance or device designed to protect the luminaires components from voltage spikes. The surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to the driver by either blocking or shorting to ground the unwanted voltages over and above the safe threshold.

Integrated Digital Addressable Lighting Interface Technology 

Integration of Dali Dimmable Interoperability that consists of a set of commands to ensure consistent dimming performance throughout all luminaires. Luminaires can be individually addressable and therefore multiple control zones can be established.