The main staircase at Nexus 1 is an incredible feature where the lighting plays a big role in achieving the visual effect that the architect and artist wanted to create. The first lighting element leading up the central core of the staircase is the Linear Arc 27 5W 4000K LED tape with opal diffuser fitted into the steel structure of the staircase, with a continuous line of light wrapping up the structure. This creates a squared spiral effect leading upwards from the ground floor to the 3rd level. The challenge here was to match all of the various angles and inclines of the staircase structure, which was easily achieved by our expert in-house installation team.

The other visual dynamic was to illuminate an abstract artwork on the back wall of the staircase. The wall is cladded with iridescent perspex artwork sections which appear 2 dimensional. Once the light is cast onto the artwork, it creates visual depth and adds another dimension to the art. The colours of the iridescence reflect and refract onto the wall, bringing colour into the space. The illuminating element comes from our 3-phase track which fits into a recess on the staircase structure, fitted with our Jura 1018 20W for the single volume art piece sections and the Jura 1032 27W for the double volume area between the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Architect: LYT Architects, Electrical Engineer: Claassen Auret Electrical Engineers, Electrical Contractor: MRT Electrical





JURA 1018

JURA 1032