Mall of the North is an exciting and extensive shopping experience in Limpopo, designed by award winning South African based firm MDS Architecture. The main focus of the centre's design was to contextualise the building in its environment and to give it a sense of place. Inspiration was taken from the surrounding forests and mountains, and a strong emphasis was placed on texture and colour. The colour pallet for Mall of the North has its roots in earthy and neutral hues. This allows for the mall to blend seamlessly into the terrain and background.

The main focus is on the use of texture, light and shadows. Accent lighting and concealed lighting, rather than floodlighting creates a warm and hospitable atmosphere.

Car parks - Rhoda fittings with 70W MH ceramic lamp on galvanized steel poles
Facades - LED strip lighting
Glass Entrance Porticos - High output LED strip lights positioned under glass roof for ambient light
Steel Columns - 35W MH and dimmable 7.2W LED up and down light Cubica fittings
Siri fittings placed externally under concrete soffits.
LED rope lights for external Expeliers and under bench lighting
Inground Brite 1.2 W LED uplighters
Interior Malls - Special Shaft lights
LED light strip lights for lighting the fountains and backlighting mirrors in the ablution areas