Both the Atrium and the New Visitor’s Entrance called for glowing focal points that would present a new image to the street, invite people in, and represent the new energy of the refurbishment project.

The design of the pendant consists of 5 horizontal bars suspended at random angles and heights to create a dynamic composition that relates to the circulation routes around it. In Atrium 1 the pendant is visible from multiple points of view and its form seems to change constantly. This shape-shifting aspect makes the pendant a compelling element in the space that seems to generate its own energy. The V-shaped design developed by Pamboukian Lightdesign emits light through the sides and also incorporates an uplight component that illuminates the ceiling above. This new form moves away from the ubiquitous rectangular linear light whilst also creating a very rigid profile that can tolerate long spans. The result is a pendant with a strong, bold presence while seeming completely weightless.
In The New Visitor’s Entrance, the pendant design is similar although the volume is much higher and the pendant has a more outward-facing role that relates to the street and the urban fabric of Sandton.